Barcode & Plain

Barcodes & Plain Labels Are Treated As Bespoke

With a quick turnaround delivery.

Almost all labels produced for the trade include a barcode in some format or other. Barcode labels can include either variable information or consecutively numbered data and can either be part of a product label or a complete separate entity. Supplied on rolls of varying quantity your barcode labels can be produced on any material, adhesive of any size and finish.

If you are new to barcodes or have a new product range contact GS1 whilst we are designing your label and they will be able to issue you a globally unique range of barcodes. GS1 is an independent not-for-profit organisation who will ensure your barcode will scan in store and is a globally recognised standard, ensuring your label is fit for purpose wherever you are selling.

Whatever your plain label requirements Dippon can be your number one supplier for plain labels. Already supplying to all types of industries we can manufacturer plain labels in many different materials, sizes and quantities, with thousands of cutters in stock we have the ability to turn your bespoke order around on the same day with a within 24 hours delivery.

At time of ordering please advise on make and model of any printer you may be using your plain labels with so we can manufacturer your plain labels to optimum ease of use. Our knowledge in over printing plain labels means we can advise on materials and adhesives which will work best with your equipment.

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