Embellishment Capabilities

Hot Foil

With the addition of embellishments to your label, consumers are encouraged to take a second look. With sophisticated techniques such as hot foiling, we can elevate the look & feel of your product on the shelf, adding true brand value.

Adding hot foil to a label is perfect for achieving a premium finish for premium packaging.

At Dippon we can provide a variety of metallic, gold and silver foils. Let us know your objectives and we can suggest the best options for your label.

Lamination & Varnish

Lamination is a technique cleverly used for enhancing appearance. It involves the application of a thin layer of durable polyester polypropylene film to the label material; the film is bonded to the label through the use of adhesives and heat and/or pressure to provide enhanced protection. Lamination improves durability and moisture resistance, while giving a clean, professional finish.

Our laminating techniques incorporate a wide variety of striking textural and visual finishes. We can supply high gloss, textured, matte, soft touch, silk and UV resistance laminate finishes.